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» Lappert's Hawaii Strives to Support Local Farmers
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Jasmine "Nani", Office Manager: has been with us since 1984.






Lappert's Hawaii Strives to Support Local Farmers

Here at Lappert's Hawaii we recognize that just as much as our success is the result of our providing a superior product and service, it is also the result of our local island roots. Utilizing exotic tropical flavors in all of our products- from the tangy liliko`i to the rich macadamia nut- while at the same time employing the spirit of "aloha" into each of our transactions, we have grown Lappert's Hawaii into a five-star brand that can only be described as uniquely Hawaiian.

It is under this premise that Lappert's Hawaii has striven to give back to the 'aina and the ohana that, since 1983, have made our success possible. One of the primary ways that we are achieving this is through our participation in a Back to the Farm initiative, partnering with local farmers to incorporate local Hawaii-grown produce into our tasty Lappert's creations. We like to think that these partnerships serve two purposes: first, supporting the rich farming community of Hawaii; and second, providing for a product that is both locally-sustainable and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Below are some of the specific ways that these partnerships are impacting the very product you see on our shelves.

Known locally as the poha, this sweetly flavored, bright yellow berry gets gourmet treatment in our aptly-named Goat Cheese and Poha Berry gelato. All of our poha berries come from the Big Island where local Sam Lorch cultivates them, along with other seasonal berries at his Lani ko Honua Berry Farm.

We've recently partnered with Yoshi'i Farms, a family-run produce farm located on the East side of Kauai. They provide us with all of our starfruit, which are juiced and processed in our Hanapepe "kitchen" to be made into sorbet.

Think of any our signature ice-cream flavors- Heavenly Hana, Kaua'i Pie, Big Island Inspiration- and what do they have in common? Macadamia nuts! We take great pride in the fact that all of the macadamia nuts that we use are locally grown here in Hawaii. Our supplier Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company purchases all of their nuts directly from growers in the islands as well as from their own orchards. When you buy any of our Lappert's products containing macadamia, you can be confident that not only are you getting a tasty product, but you're also helping to support Hawaii's local farmers.

One local Hawaii farm serves as our sole goat cheese supplier- Surfing Goat Dairy on Maui. While not a major component in our day to day production, we do use goat cheese to make a number of specialty gelatos.

We are not related to or affiliated in any manner with Lappert's Ice Cream on the mainland.
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