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Premium Hawaiian Coffee

In many ways, coffee is as wine. The finest varieties are the result of perfect climate and soil coupled with the knowledge of expert growers. Only a select few places on earth have these unique qualities, and Hawaii happens to be among them.

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Locally Grown

Volcanic soils rich in nutrients drink in the morning showers and bask in the tropical mid-day sun, their lush plants perpetually cooled by the trade winds that make our land, our ’aina, the most temperate on earth. By blending these coffees with those of equal attributes from around the world, the Lappert’s Hawaii roastery has created the most flavorful blends you will encounter. And though we are simply keiki o ka ’aina — children of the Hawaiian soil — years of refinement have made us masters of her coffees.

Hand Selected

Hand selecting the best Hawaiian grown coffee beans from each of our favorite farmers and blending them with the best in their class from around the world, is more than what we do – it is our passion. Years of experience have gone into the creation of each premium coffee product that we offer, from the soil to the bean – and all the way through the process of selection, blending and brewing. This attention to detail and passion for quality is what sets us apart and gives our coffee a unique and exceptional taste of its own.

Roasted by The Experts

We have been roasting our own premium blends of gourmet coffee right here on Kauai since 1985. Just two years after opening our original ice cream shop, we took a leap of faith and branched out into the world of coffee roasting. Since then we have built a state of the art coffee roasting facility in our home town of Hanapepe, and a family of coffee roasting experts that have been with us for years. At Lappert’s we are truly connoisseurs of premium coffee. With over 30 years of experience in the creation of our own, unique, and world renowned coffee blends – we present our current line of pure, flavored, and blended premium coffees for you to enjoy!

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