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coffee-text-icon.gif In many ways, coffee is as wine. The finest varieties are the result of perfect climate and soil conditions coupled with the knowledge and passion of expert growers. Only a select few places on earth combine these unique qualities and Hawaii happens to be among them. Volcanic soils rich in nutrients drink in the morning showers and bask in the tropical mid-day sun, their lush plants perpetually cooled by the trade winds that make our land, our ’aina, the most temperate on earth. By blending these coffees with those of equal attributes from around the world, the Lappert's Hawaii roastery has created the most flavorful blends you will encounter. And though we are simply keiki o ka ’aina — children of the Hawaiian soil — years of refinement have made us masters of her coffees.

Gilbert, Master Coffee Roaster: has been with us since 1986.


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Hawaiian Blends

Kona Supreme Photo FPO

Kona Supreme

Premium grade Kona coffee is blended with the finest world class beans creating this uniquely smooth yet bold, full city roasted coffee bursting with the richest flavor and aroma. This blend contains not less than 10% Kona coffee beans.

Lappert's Hawaii Decaffeinated

Lappert's delicious Kona blend decaffeinated coffee, in a smooth Full City Roast

Maui Supreme

Maui Supreme

Distinguished and satisfying, this smooth, mellow blend is moderately acidic and lovingly grown under the warm sun above exotic and beautiful Ka'anapali. This blend contains not less than 10% Maui coffee beans.

Molokai Supreme

Molokai Supreme

Rich, bold and aromatic, this French roasted coffee blend is very much like the rustic spirit of Molokai itself -- traditionally Hawaiian and very friendly. This blend contains not less than 10% Molokai coffee beans.

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